Flugsvamp 4.0

In this guide we tell you all about how to sign up for and use Sweden’s #1 darknet market, Flugsvamp 4.0. If you’ve found this guide useful, please share it with others 😉

Direct access link (Tor Browser required for access):


Flugsvamp 4.0 is the third iteration of a Sweden-based darknet market with a colorful past. It’s a smaller market that caters mainly to Swedish customers and exclusively sells drugs. The original Flugsvamp was launched in Feb. 2014 as a means for Swedes to safely buy and sell drugs. The founders reportedly had the intention of demonstrating the benefits of liberal drug use policies in hopes that their own government would adjust theirs.

Things didn’t exactly turn out that way, and in Nov. 2014 Flugsvamp was shut down in Operation Onymous, a multi-agency sting operation that took down several other markets along with it. In Apr. 2015, Flugsvamp 2 arrived to take its place. While this second version managed to outlast the first, it was eventually shut down in late 2018. Only a couple months later, in Feb. 2019, the market was reborn again, as Flugsvamp 4.0.

While product selection on the market is somewhat limited, the vendors there seem to have a lot of experience under their belt and seem like trusted regulars among the market’s community. Cannabis and related products are by far the most bountiful, but they also have a considerable range of products in their LSD and Steroids categories as well.

It’s important to reiterate that this is a Sweden-centric market and it is geared for Swedish residents. You may be able to find vendors willing to ship internationally but there’s a chance they will tell you to use virtually any other market instead. If you are a non-native speaker but would still like to receive orders in Sweden, its quite easy to still navigate the site by performing translations in an automated translator.

Note: for OpSec reasons, we recommend you not do the translation in a translator logged in to your account (such as Google Translate) or necessarily on your own IP address, even.

Before or after using Flugsvamp it is best to use a bitcoin mixer such as ChipMixer.

Flugsvamp uses a simple layout and there’s nothing unexpected if you have any previous experience with darknet markets. Its range of options is a bit limited. For example, there is no 2-FA option to secure account logins with PGP, and no multi-sig options (although they do use a version of FE). The market uses the old-school centralized account wallet system and accepts BTC only for deposits. Flugsvamp 4.0 has operated for over two years in its current iteration but given the precarious nature of the enterprise its wise to assume this one will eventually fall, as well. Therefore, we recommend never keeping coins on the exchange unless they are for an order you are about to place.

Quick Facts about Flugsvamp 4.0

  • Main Access Link: (Install Tor Browser to access this special link)
  • Founded: November 2021
  • Number of listings: 650
  • Listing categories: Cannabis, Benzodiazepines, MDMA/Ketamine, Opiates, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Pharmaceuticals, Erectile Dysfunction, Sleep Aids, Nerve Pain, Other
  • Coins accepted: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Multisignature escrow: No
  • Finalize Early (FE) Allowed: Yes
  • Vendor bond: (unknown)
  • Link: Links to Flugsvamp 4.0 can be found on DarkFail and TorTaxi.

Registering an Account

Upon clicking the Flugsvamp market URL, the initial landing page will likely have a captcha that must be solved before proceeding to the market itself.

After filling the captcha with the correct answer, press the “VERIFIERA” button to proceed. The market login page looks like this:

To get started creating a regular, customer account, click on the words “Skapa konto” (“Create Account”) toward the upper-right corner of the screen.

As you can see, the account creation process is very straightforward and only requires that you enter a username, password (twice), and fill a captcha. If you are at all familiar with creating darknet market accounts, you might have guessed that “Önskat användarnamn” means “Username” and “Lösenord” means “Password”. Of course, we recommend choosing a username that cannot be tied back to your real life or other online identities. We also recommend choosing a unique password – preferably a combination of random characters – that you haven’t used before. After you have entered your desired username, password twice, and filled the captcha, press the green “Skapa konto” button at the bottom to register your account.

If everything goes to plan, you will be brought to a new screen that says “Ditt konto är skapat. Klicka här för att logga in”, which means “Your account has been created. Click here to log in.” Clicking on the word “här” brings you back to the login screen, where you will enter your new credentials for the first time to access the market. This time enter your username (Användarnamn) and password (Lösenord), fill the captcha, and press the “Logga in” button below. You will now be directed to the Flugsvamp home screen.

You are now free to browse the market. Note that the top menu links are translated as such:

  • Hem = Home (product listings, featured products)
  • Konto = Account (change password, BTC deposit address)
  • Profil = Profile (enter/change PGP key, erase history of closed orders)
  • Ordrar = Orders (status updates, order history)
  • Inbox (messages to and from other users)
  • Dispyter = Disputes (status of ongoing disputes)

Browsing Flugsvamp 4.0

Interestingly, and true to the market’s originally stated mission, Flugsvamp 4.0 only carries drugs and drug-related products. There are currently about 650 listings in total on the market. Product listings on Flugsvamp are divided into the following categories and subcategories, which we have translated for your convenience, when appropriate:

  • Cannabis
    • Gräs
    • Hash
    • Koncentrat (concentrate)
    • Ätbart (edibles)
    • Övrigt (other)
  • Bensodiazepiner (benzodiazepines)
    • Alprazolam
    • Diazepam
    • Klonazepam
    • Flunitrazepam
    • Lorazepam
    • Etizolam
    • Övrigt (other)
  • Disco
    • Ecstasy
    • MDMA
    • Ketamin (ketamine)
    • Övrigt (other)
  • Centralstimulanter (stimulants)
    • Amfetamin (amphetamine)
    • Kokain (cocaine)
    • Övrigt (other)
  • Opiater (opiates)
    • Buprenorfin (buprenorphine)
    • Heroin
    • Oxikodon (oxycodone)
    • OxyContin
    • OxyNorm
    • Tramadol
    • Kratom
    • Lean
    • Metadon (methadone)
    • Morfin (morphine)
    • Övrigt (other)
  • Psykedeliskt (psychedelics)
    • Svampar (mushrooms)
    • Lsd
    • Meskalin (mescaline)
    • DMT
    • 2C-B
  • Läkemedel (pharmaceuticals)
    • ADHD
    • Erektion (erectile dysfunction)
    • Sömn (sleep aid)
    • Pregabalin
  • Doping
    • Färdiga paket (finished packages)
    • Peptider (peptides)
    • PCT & AI
    • Steroider (steroids)
  • Övrigt (other)
    • Nikotin (nicotine)
    • Drogtester (drug tests)
    • Drogtillbehör (drug accessories)

Browsing the market is pretty straight-forward and we find its best to just browse through different subsections as the search function doesn’t work very well. Alternatively, you can click on the category or subcategory of item you are looking for and then use the sort feature (“Sortera”), if necessary. Categories are in the left panel and product listings are in the main panel. Listings can be sorted in the following ways:

  • Mest populara (most popular in the last 30 days)
  • Pris per låg kvantitet (stigande) (unit price for small quantity, ascending)
  • Pris per låg kvantitet (fallande) (unit price for small quantity, descending)
  • Pris per hög kvantitet (stigande) (unit price for large quantity, ascending)
  • pris per hög kvantitet (fallande) (unit price for large quantity, descending)

Clicking the blue “Visa produkten” box at the bottom of an item listing will bring you to its product page.

Here we can see the following information, screening left to right, then down:

  • Product title
  • Product picture
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Title repeated
  • Price (in Swedish kronas)
  • Customer rating for product
  • Vendor name (with clickable link to vendor page)

At the bottom you will see a warning we suggest you heed; it translates to the following:

“Please encrypt all addresses. Important for your safety, and ours. Any more questions? PM us.”

If you want to send the vendor a message, click on the blue button to the right of this text (“Skicka meddelande”). On the following screen you will see the vendor’s PGP key, which we suggest be used to encrypt all communication, at all times. Note that to prevent spam, Flugsvamp has disabled the messaging feature for accounts that have not yet made a deposit.

The majority of vendors on Flugsvamp 4.0 seem to be fairly established, with many having sales tallies in the hundreds or even thousands. Because the market is taking a more communal approach than most others, vendors on Flugsvamp are generally perceived as highly reputable, not in it to screw over their customers. You might find that you have a problem getting people to ship you anything if you are located outside of Sweden, but there’s a decent chance that the market will eventually expand operations into Europe proper if they should manage to remain in business long enough.

Setting Your PGP Key

Press “Profil” in the menu options, toward the top center of the screen. Here you will see an empty text box that will display your PGP public key (“PGP-nyckel”) so that other users can send you encrypted communications. Press the green button that says “Andra” to go to the PGP key entry screen. Paste your entire PGP public key into the text box.

pgp encryption

After you have entered your PGP public key, press the green “Uppdatera profil” button. If your key has been accepted by the system, you will be returned to the “Profil” screen with a message that says “Din profil är uppdaterad”, or “Your profile has been updated.” Unlike other darknet markets, Flugsvamp does not take the extra step to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the public key you published, so make sure you are entering it to your profile correctly or you won’t receive decrypt-able messages.

Funding Your Account

Flugsvamp uses the traditional, centralized wallet deposit system. This means that before placing an order you must first send funds to the BTC deposit address generated for your account. To find this address, press the menu option titled “Konto”, toward the top middle of the screen. This will bring you to your user account page.

Here you will see your BTC deposit address, which begins with a “bc1” and is located under the words

“Din insättningsaddress” (“Your deposit address”). The warnings displayed below the address are translated to the following:

“NOTE! Minimum deposit SEK 50 (0.00016024 btc). Deposits under SEK 50 will not be credited, this to make blockchain analysis more difficult.

NOTE! Make sure your address starts with the same character that appears in the black box. If these are not correct, you are on a phishing site and need to change your password.”

Since the price of BTC tends to be highly volatile, keep in mind that this BTC deposit minimum changes. It is recommended that you only send enough BTC to cover one order at a time, and not leave large amounts of coins in your Flugsvamp wallet. This way, if the market should go down unexpectedly, your losses will be minimized to the size of your last, pending order.

Pressing the green button below the second note will generate a new deposit address should you want to create a new one after your first deposit. You can only generate one new deposit address at a time.

Note: to the left of the deposit address and information is the area for changing your password (“Byt Losenord”).

Placing an Order on Flugsvamp

After you have found a product you wish to purchase and funded your account, you’re now ready to place an order. When you are on the product listing page, scroll down a bit until you get to some boxes with different amounts of BTC in them.

product quantities

Here you can see the different quantities (“st”) and prices (“Pris”). The price is displayed in both Swedish krona (kr) and Bitcoin (BTC) denominations. In this screenshot you can see that the usual “Order” or “Add to Cart” button is grayed out, displaying a message that says “Du har for lite pengar pa kontot”. This basically means that you need to deposit the minimum amount required for the order before you can begin to place the order.

After you have made your deposit, revisit the product listing and press the button to continue. On the next page you will selection your shipping option (if presented with multiple choices). Next you will provide your shipping address, which absolutely should be encrypted using the vendor’s PGP key (if you don’t do this, there’s a good chance the vendor will ignore your order).

Note: if you are an international customer, make sure that you have communicated with the vendor before attempting to place an order – especially if the shipping address you provide is located outside of Sweden.

You can follow the status of your order in the “Ordrar” menu option. After you have received your order, be sure to mark it as finalized so the funds held in escrow for the transaction can be released to the vendor. Some vendors are allowed to use a version of Finalize Early (FE) system called “Autosläpp”. If you place an order using this option, you must release your funds to the vendor immediately after the order has been accepted. Using this option dramatically reduces your chances of getting a refund should something go awry, so we recommend not using it unless you have absolutely confidence in the vendor.

According to a section of the Flugsvamp 4.0 FAQ:

“Auto release (Autosläpp) refers to the time when your order will be terminated automatically if you have not already marked your item as received, or started a dispute regarding your order. Orders that go to auto release damage your profile level as you as the buyer must release the money to the seller when you receive your order, otherwise you have an obligation to initiate a dispute.”

While Flugsvamp does have a dispute system (“Dispyter” in the menu area), we recommend not getting to a point where you will actually need to use it in the first place. This can be accomplished by following the advice provided in this guide – especially the parts about making sure the vendor is willing to ship internationally if you need them and remembering to encrypt all your communication to them.

Wrapping it Up

In all, Flugsvamp 4.0 is a very capable but simplified market. Everyone involved is aware that the market could potentially be taken down by Swedish law enforcement at any given time, but it has been running 2+ years strong in its current iteration. Hopefully its new admins have learned from the mistakes of the last. By keeping things simple and straight-forward, Flugsvamp feels a bit safer to use than many other darknet markets, even if they don’t accept Monero and only feature drug item listings. There are good reasons why the Flugsvamp brand name enjoys a positive reputation, and the current version seems to be carrying all of its old principles intact.